RedPipe Fire Protection Hits North American Market

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Plastic sprinkler piping from RedPipe industries in now available for purchase in North America. The piping is easy to install and has several environmental and performance benefits over traditional metal piping.

Aquatherm Red Pipes

Mentor, Ohio—RedPipe Industries is now offering the full line of Aquatherm Red Pipes here in North America. The fire protection products have been recognized internationally for years under the former name of Aquatherm FireStop Fusiolen.

RedPipe Industries produces highly engineered plastic (polypropylene-random) pressure pipes with a fire marshal approval in the FM 1635 class. The piping has a number of features that makes it a good choice for residential and commercial applications.

Aquatherm Red Pipe resists corrosion, rust and scale build up, features that allow for reduced maintenance and a constant water flow should your sprinkler system be called into action. The piping is connected by heat-fusion welding, negating the need for sealants and adhesives. This also allows contractors to install the system quickly, since joints can be welded in as little as 10 seconds. The plastic piping is resistant to stress cracking, impacts and freezing. They also weigh less than metal pipes.

There are also inherent environmental reasons for using a plastic pipe over metal. Aquatherm Red Pipes are fully recyclable and the polypropylene-random plastic requires the least amount of energy (and has the smallest carbon footprint) out of all piping materials. The pipes are also PVC and BPA free. In the case that the pipes do burn, they will not put firefighters and building occupants in danger of breathing in toxic chemicals.

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