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Don’t let bed bugs, ticks and rodents get the upper hand.

By Joshua Ayers, Senior Editor

Whether managing a 40-story high-rise in Manhattan, or a small six-unit property on the outskirts of suburbia, it is nearly impossible to completely avoid the havoc that pests can cause at an apartment community. With the strong resurgence of bed bug activity in the past few years and startling news reports of sporadic outbreaks of vector- and rodent-related illnesses, it is important for management companies to address an infestation immediately and to stay up-to-date with pest maintenance to ensure the safety and comfort of their residents. Whether you’re dealing with a full-pest invasion or just the nuisance of a few bugs here and there, MHN has compiled a list of products and services that will help keep your community pest free.

Green Tech Heat Solutions: The company, founded by Michael R. Linford Ph.D., who has an extensive background in developing temperature-based pest control, specializes in active heat systems that kill pests and their eggs by utilizing high temperatures and air movement rather than harsh chemicals. Equipment packages—which range from $4,999 to $16,999 and treat spaces 750 square feet to 3,500 square feet—are designed to reach temperatures high enough to kill pests without harming building infrastructure. A typical package includes a heating system, fans, cords and user instructions. Aside from the appeal of chemical-free treatment, one of the most empowering aspects about this product is that no license is needed to purchase or operate the equipment (

Orkin: Orkin’s Multifamily Precision Protection offers a suite of services tailored to individual property needs. The company’s integrated pest management method includes inspection, identification and risk assessment. If a problem is identified, Orkin is prepared to take necessary steps to resolve the problem such as exclusion techniques, treatment options, and sanitation consultations. Orkin offers regular monitoring service to ensure that pests stay gone (

Pest Control Supplies: Missouri-based Pest Control Supplies (PCS) is a one-stop shop for all of a property’s pest-control needs. From products as simple as bird netting to PCS Heat’s own Pest Control Heaters and heat chambers, the company prides itself on providing exceptional customer service and product selection. PCS’s easy-to-navigate online store offers pest control products and tools from more than 50 manufacturers and can deliver products via private parcel carriers by the next day in most areas (

Terminex: Terminex vaunts an exceptional history of industry firsts, including the first company to obtain a termite control patent and the first to offer customers a smart phone app to manage their accounts. Since its inception in 1927, it has become one of the most well-known names in the pest control industry. The company’s integrated pest management approach includes inspection, identification, recommendations for prevention, treatment—with both traditional and eco-friendly options—and maintenance, which is all backed by its proprietary Ultimate Protection Guarantee. Terminex services single property accounts or entire portfolios, which can all be managed by the customer both online or via smartphone app (

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