Product Spotlight: Tesla’s Solar Roof

Tesla's new solar roof is composed of tiles whose photovoltaic components are invisible from afar.

Tesla's solar roof comes in four finishes, including Tuscan (pictured).

Tesla’s solar roof comes in four finishes, including Tuscan (pictured).

Los AngelesTesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has announced his company’s planned acquisition of SolarCity, a leading solar equipment supplier that will enable Tesla to deploy a new technology: solar roof tiles.

Last week Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk unveiled a solar roof, which will hit the market following the planned acquisition of SolarCity, a leading solar equipment supplier. What is exceptional about the solar roof is that its tiles resemble a conventional roof. Unlike solar cell panels that typically mount atop a roof, Tesla’s solar roof tiles integrate seamlessly with existing shingles, forming a uniform surface that is indistinguishable from a non-solar roof.

Property managers and operators will be able to outfit the roofs of their buildings with sturdy solar tiles that are completely invisible from the street, thanks to a color louver film on the outer layer of the tile. A high-efficiency solar cell derives energy from sunlight, even in hot climates. The tempered glass layer protects the solar roof tiles from weather damage or breakage.

Made from durable quartz, the solar roof tiles come in four finishes—Tuscan, Smooth, Textured and Slate.

Energy savings make Tesla’s solar roof a more affordable alternative to conventional roofing. Supplying a building with clean, renewable energy, solar roof tiles can also help property owners and operators exemplify their commitment to sustainability. And since Tesla’s new tiles look like conventional roof tiles, the building’s exterior will blend in with surrounding properties.

Tesla is currently accepting orders for the solar roof tiles, with installations beginning summer 2017. Visit Tesla‘s website to find out how a solar roof can reduce your energy expenses.

Images via Tesla

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