Product Spotlight: Terralux LED Sconce Upgrades

For property managers looking to increase their properties' energy efficiency, the award-winning lighting retrofit kits boast easy installation and master control via a software program.

While retrofitting is a venerable buzz word in the real estate industry by now, adjusting operations in a multifamily property to increase energy efficiency can be daunting. Terralux, a lighting company that makes ENERGY STAR Certified LED retrofit kits, makes upgrading lighting easier to install and fit within existing sconces. According to the company, replacing incandescent or compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) fixtures with Terralux products can save between 60 and 80 percent of lighting costs.

Retrofit Magazine recently awarded the company with a spot on its annual Top 50 Products list. “Terralux’s energy-efficient wall sconce upgrades resonated with our readers who are looking for ways to improve their buildings’ operational overhead while improving ambiance. There is a lot of competition in the lighting industry, and the Terralux product stands out,” said John Riester, publisher of Retrofit. 

The company also offers LEDSENSE, an internet platform which allows users to master control lighting in common areas or hallways to maximize efficiency and sustainability. The software can also adjust lighting depending on presets for occupancy, daylight, HVAC systems, air quality and occupant ambiance. Sensors and switches that interface with the software are wireless and battery-free, even from as far away as 100 feet.

All models of Terralux retrofit kits can qualify for utility rebates nationwide, due to their certification as Luminaire Retrofit Kits.  To suit a variety of different design styles and desired ambiance, the kits are available in five different lumen packages, four different correlated color temperatures, and have universal voltage and dimming.

The Residences of Millennium Centre Condominium Association in Chicago is an example of a happy multifamily customer, as owner Dream Town Realty decided to replace fluorescent lighting in the elevator banks and residential corridors. While the existing light fixtures provided the desired aesthetic, the lighting quality and cost-efficiency left much to be desired. After installing Terralux LED lighting, the Millennium Centre is expecting to see an annual savings of $8,256 in energy bills and $4,351 in maintenance costs.

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