Product Spotlight: Soundproof Windows

Property owners put an end to excessive noise and shave expenses in the process.

By Sanyu Kyeyune

Installation with many soundproof windows

Installation with many soundproof windows

San Francisco—Soundproof Windows Inc. came to the rescue when two San Francisco homeowners decided they could no longer lose sleep from incessant street-level noise. Jeff and Kristina Abadie, who had purchased a 100-year-old downtown loft, also needed to make the most of their investment. In the past they had struggled to find a soundproof solution that would fit their 10-by-14-foot window frames and comply with historic preservation requirements. And since the windows were also drafty, they needed a solution that would relieve their overworked HVAC system, which was becoming more costly by the minute.

Thrilled with the improvement brought on by soundproofing, a neighbor encouraged the Abadies to try a custom-fitted solution from Soundproof Windows. Right away the Abadies could sense the difference. “It was the first time we heard our refrigerator hum,” Jeff remarked. “From a cost standpoint, we realized that if we were landlords we could now get premium rent because we took away the biggest problem of living downtown–noise. And should we ever decide to sell, from a value standpoint, the windows are a no-brainer investment.”

While noise can be a major nuisance for apartment dwellers, it can threaten a property owner’s bottom line. Seeking a solution for property owners, Soundproof Windows found that 90 percent of noise actually travels through windows and doors, not through walls.

What Soundproof Windows also noticed is that many people seek to eliminate noise by replacing their existing windows with dual-pane windows. While dual-pane windows can effectively seal in heat and cold, they do little to insulate against noise. In developing its product, the company realized that adding soundproof windows to existing windows was the best way to reduce noise.

Detail of soundproof casement windows

Detail of soundproof casement windows

This realization led Soundproof Windows to create a window product with a higher STC (sound transmission class) than a standard window. While the typical standard window’s STC rating is between 26 and 28, a standard window outfitted with a Soundproof Window almost doubles noise reduction with an STC rating between 48 and 52. For a building owner, this degree of sound reduction can be the difference between high turnover and full occupancy. The additional boost in insulation can translate into meaningful energy cost savings.

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