Product Spotlight: SkyBell HD

The smart doorbell is Wi-Fi enabled and allows monitoring of the front door of a residence remotely via a mobile app.

By Mallory Bulman

As the “Internet of Things” becomes more prevalent, technology companies and consumers alike are realizing the value that network-connected devices can provide to home security. In a multifamily community with guests, services providers, mail carriers and staff coming and going at all times, the traditional peephole method of verifying visitors doesn’t quite cut it anymore.

According to Coldwell Banker, two out of three sales associates reported prospective home buyers asking about “smart” features and technology, and 62 percent of sales associates said buyers are interested in controlling said technology on a mobile device. In multifamily communities, prospective renters have a bevy of choices when it comes to where to rent, and most of them expect the latest amenities to be included if they’re spending a large chunk of their hard-earned salary on the convenience of living in a rental community.

SkyBell HD is a product that satisfies renters’ desire for greater security and technology-enabled features that can be accessed conveniently through a mobile device. SkyBell HD is a video doorbell that allows residents to see, hear and speak to whomever is at their door remotely with their iOS or Android device. When a visitor rings the doorbell, they a live feed alert is sent the device, where the user can view HD video of the scene from the front door and speak to whomever is there. For communities without a package management system, this can be a useful feature for residents to approve mail carriers to leave packages at their door.

A motion sensor allows monitoring even if a visitor doesn’t press the doorbell, providing extra security. According to the product’s website testimonials, users utilize this feature to make sure kids arrive home on time from school, monitor their home when traveling and provide peace of mind to residents with mobility issues. The traditional home doorbell feature can also be put in “Silent Mode,” for a quiet night’s sleep or to avoid waking young children or babies.

The live feed from the SkyBell HD doorbell is constant, so anytime a resident wants to check in on their door, they can do so by simply starting the app on their device. For households with multiple adults, the software allows for more than one user as well as activity history, which allows all users to review missed visitors, video calls and motion alerts on their own time.

SkyBell also is compatible with other smart home technologies, like Nest and Amazon Echo, allowing for communities to integrate it with existing features to offer a complete home security package.

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