Webinar—From Scaling Back to the Comeback: Marketing During COVID-19/Part II

Ben Faunce, senior customer success manager at SOCi, discusses how marketing has been affected during the pandemic and what leaders should be doing going forward.

As cities and states have begun the reopening process after weeks of lockdown and stay-at-home-orders, multifamily marketing professionals will need to re-evaluate their marketing strategies at the apartment communities they represent.

Ben Faunce, Senior Customer Success Manager, SOCi

“It’s important to always be changing your strategy,” Ben Faunce, senior customer success manager at SOCi, said during the recent MHN Snap Session “From Scaling Back to the Comeback: Marketing During COVID-19/Part II.” “Things have been developing week over week and changing and we’re getting new info all the time.”

Suzann Silverman, Editorial Director

In part one of the series, Faunce urged companies to make full use of their social media platforms to put out content that would help their communities stand out. During part two, Faunce emphasized the importance of staying true to the culture of a community when putting out social media and marketing content.

“I really think that what’s working best is having fun and being authentic to yourself on-site and capturing what your community is about,” said Faunce. “That’s a way to stand out.”

The importance of being online cannot be overstated. Roughly seven out of 10 people use social media to make decisions on what to buy, according to a study Faunce cited. But just having a Facebook page for your community and running ads isn’t enough. Have someone dedicated to monitoring and posting on social media on a consistent basis, regular updates on amenity openings and even local community openings can make a big difference.

For those looking to generate leads through social media channels, ads are the way to go, said Faunce. While organic posts are still important, with so many people spending more time on social media during quarantine, ads are getting more reach and visibility than ever.

“Running those lead generation ads is a really great way to get started with that,” he said.


While no one can be certain how long the COVID-19 outbreak will last or whether there will be a resurgence of cases in the winter, holding on to habits and strategies picked up during the pandemic will be important going forward.

“I think we’ll take a lot of these habits and continue to utilize them,” said Faunce. Expect to see virtual tours, perhaps the most popular alternative to in-person visits, continue to be practiced, as well as one-stop-shop apartment community websites that give prospective renters everything they need to know.

“You need to be prepared for all situations,” said Faunce. “I think the biggest learning experience from this is always be prepared to move your strategy in a moment’s notice. Having multiple pivot points available within your strategy is going to be one of the biggest things that leads into post-COVID strategy, far beyond when it’s even on our minds anymore.”