8 Ways to Celebrate Pride Month at Your Community

Happy Pride, everyone! How are you celebrating?
Jessica Fiur, Managing Editor
Jessica Fiur, Managing Editor

Happy Pride Month, everyone! 

Now is a great time to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community—which could include some of your residents and employees. 

Here are some ways to celebrate Pride at your apartment community.

  1. Be an inclusive and welcoming place. All year round! When your residents feel welcomed they will enjoy living there, which will help with retention, and will encourage them to spread the news. Plus, it’s like the right thing to do, or whatever. And you don’t even need to put rainbows up everywhere!
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    Put up rainbow flags. That said, what’s wrong with rainbows? 

  3. Start a social media campaign. You can ask residents to tell how they are celebrating Pride and share their stories and pictures. You can also join the tons of corporations that have changed their logos to rainbow versions for the month. (Just check with corporate first.)
  4. Stream the Stonewall documentary. You can show the movie, Stonewall Forever, and then host a discussion group with your residents after. 
  5. Show movies featuring LGBTQ+ topics or characters. There are lots of options, including some prestige pictures, such as MilkMoonlight and Brokeback Mountain
  6. Invite a speaker to the community. Hire someone who can talk about the LGBTQ+ issues in the community. It can be someone local, or someone famous. They can provide an interesting perspective.
  7. Have a Drag Queen Bingo event. It was getting a little serious there. You can also have fun with your residents! Drag Queen Bingo has become super popular lately. Hire a local performer and have her play with residents in a common area. (Bonus: This game also allows for social distancing.) Make sure you take lots of pictures for your social media pages.  
  8. Offer rainbow snacks. And, like your mission to provide an inclusive and welcoming apartment community all the time and not just during Pride Month, I recommend you giving out snacks all year round as well. (See also: margaritas.)

Hope you have a happy Pride Month! How else are you celebrating? Post your comments on our Facebook page or send a tweet to @MHNOnline or @jfiur