11 Things Great Property Managers Do

The qualities that every property management professional—and every great leader—needs to achieve excellence.
Image via Yardi Breeze

The best property managers are also great leaders. If you’re not dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s, chances are your business will hurt as a result. You don’t have to be perfect, but it’s always good to know your strengths and weaknesses. That will help you build a team that complements your strengths, makes up for your weaknesses and enjoys one another’s company. These 11 traits don’t simply affect property managers. They’re traits every great leader needs.

1. Treat kindness as a strength

It is so important to be kind to your tenants and employees. You give them a place to live or a paycheck, but that’s no excuse to be a tyrant. It’s possible to be a straight shooter without being rude. If you can manage that, you can manage any communication issue that comes your way.

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