Podcast: Moe Vela on Making Your Community Inclusive

The veteran affordable housing developer and former White House official provides tips on tailoring your property’s experience to its audience.

Moe Vela, CEO, The Vela Group. Image courtesy of The Vela Group

Moe Vela, CEO of The Vela Group, joins Multi-Housing News Senior Associate Editor Jeff Hamann to examine the myriad challenges and opportunities within the affordable housing sector, and how a more customized, tailored approach can make a world of difference in attracting and retaining residents. Vela brings a unique perspective, building off experience as a multifamily developer and property owner in addition to senior positions in the Obama and Clinton administrations.

The key to a cultural customization program, Vela says, is understanding your renters and the neighborhood, describing how something as basic as what you plant in your community garden could have tangible longer-term impacts. “Your audience needs to feel that you see them, you hear them, you respect them, you celebrate them and you’re listening to them,” he notes, describing how a more thoughtful approach can lead to improvements in key metrics, from boosted occupancy to lower operating costs.

In the first episode of our Multifamily’s Top Marketers podcast, Vela also discusses how the Biden administration’s approach to affordable housing could play out. Don’t forget to follow MHN’s podcasts on Apple Podcasts and Spotify!

Moe Vela spoke about a number of related topics at MHN‘s 2020 Excellence Awards event in November. Click here for details about our upcoming 2021 awards program.

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