PG&E Launches New Multifamily EV Charger Program

A new PG&E program aims to provide charging stations in multifamily communities occupied by special populations.

Pacific Gas and Electric Co. is launching a new program for multifamily buildings designed to offer access to electric vehicle charging infrastructure for customers living in underserved areas of its California service region.

The Multifamily Housing and Small Business EV Charger Program is a PG&E initiative which will aim to install approximately 2,000 Level 1 and Level 2 EV Chargers at 450 multifamily housing units, nonprofit organizations and small businesses in specific communities. There will be no cost to property owners for installing the charging units for qualified customers. The initiative covers two years of networking and software fees.

Priority communities

To be eligible, current electric customers must own a multifamily housing unit, not-for-profit or a small business in what the company calls a “priority community” within PG&E’s service area, encompassing northern and central California. Such communities include low-income, rural, tribal and other priority populations as defined by the California Public Utilities Commission and California Air Resources Board.

The Multifamily Housing and Small Business EV Charger program is part of the White House EV Acceleration Challenge supporting a national transition to electric vehicles.

The pilot program is one of two PG&E initiatives the company is rolling out to support California’s objectives for vehicle electrification and climate action and give customers in underserved areas access to electric vehicle charging. The other, Empower EV, provides income-eligible customers up to $2,500 in incentives to help subsidize the cost of installing electric vehicle charging equipment at their single-family homes.

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