Peerless Lighting Introduces Innovative Origami Luminaries

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Origami luminaries from Peerless Lighting combine advanced lighting optics with the aesthetics of the ancient art of Japanese paper folding. The fixtures offer an efficient illumination solution for lobbies, common areas and modern unit interiors.

Atlanta—Peerless Lighting, part of Acuity Brands Inc., has released Origami, a new line of uniquely styled luminaries that are well-suited for a modern lobby and common area spaces. While the fixture design is inspired by the ancient art of Japanese paper folding, it also incorporates advanced lighting optics that allow for expanded spacing. This means fewer units per installation and, ultimately, significant energy savings.

Origami by Peerless Lighting

“We strive first to create the highest possible performing lighting fixtures and trust that beautiful forms will follow,” says Peerless design director Frank Friedman. “Origami exemplifies this principle as it is both the most energy-efficient and visually distinctive suite of luminaries we have ever designed for the Peerless brand.”

The Origami luminaries feature angular facets that take visual cues from molecular structures and crystalline forms. These aesthetics also serve to capture and reflect light across the length of the fixtures, creating shadows, light and color that varies with the viewing angle.

Origami is available in two facet patterns and in both 4’ and 8’ suspended and wall-mount options. Standard available colors include painted aluminum, gloss red, black and white. Custom colors are also available upon request. Origami also has a number of inherent sustainable features. The thin gauge aluminum bodies use roughly 50 percent less metal than traditional fixtures. In addition, the housings, end caps and joiners all contain recycled material.

Origami by Peerless Lighting from Peerless Lighting on Vimeo.

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