Packing More Functions Into the Kitchen Sink

Ruvati's Workstation features a two-track slide system with a mix-prep station, a basin and a matching colander and lid with grater/slicer attachments.

Ruvati Workstation. Image courtesy of Ruvati

Ruvati has introduced the Workstation, a new dual-tier ledge sink that allows for a wide range of kitchen functions. Suitable for smaller kitchens where counter space is limited, the product uses a two-track system with sliding accessories that aim to push the boundaries of what can be done at the sink.

Features include a mix-prep station, a basin supported by a solid wood platform and a matching colander and lid with grater/slicer attachments that can be used with the mixing bowl. The sink also comes with a hardwood, 17-by-16-inch cutting board that can be flipped and converted into a tray with raised edges, a folding drying rack that fits across the sink for air-drying pots and pans, as well as two stainless steel colanders for rinsing produce or draining pasta.

The Workstation features an undermount single-bowl design that comes in three different sizes, from 33 to 57 inches wide. Made from 16-gauge stainless steel, the product has a highly scratch-resistant, commercial-grade brushed finish. A 1-inch slope on the basin floor allows for efficient water drainage. The sink also comes with heavy-duty sound guard padding and undercoating on its exterior sides.

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