On-Site Launches Enhanced Online Renewals

Online leasing software provider On-Site.com announced their enhanced Online Renewals.

Campbell, Calif.—Online leasing software provider On-Site.com announced their enhanced Online Renewals. Part of On-Site’s Resident Passport™ suite of cloud-based resident convenience tools, Online Renewals allows housing providers to track expiring leases and generate renewal offers, which renters can view and accept online without ever having to set foot in the leasing office.

Key features of Online Renewals include the ability to:

  • View upcoming lease renewals from the renewal dashboard.
  • Set permissions regarding who can generate renewal offers.
  • Sync pricing with revenue management software and keep pricing competitive as market conditions change.
  • Give your staff the flexibility to negotiate with customizable lease term parameters.
  • Collect signatures for the renewal lease anywhere, anytime on any device with E-Sign™.

Vancouver-based apartment owner/operator Holland Residential served as a beta-tester for the enhanced Online Renewals product and had a hand in the product’s development.

Prior to using Online Renewals, Holland relied on time-consuming offline renewal processing. A typical renewal involved calling the resident, preparing & delivering the offer letter, multiple follow up calls and an in-person lease signing ceremony.

In contrast, On-Site’s Online Renewals is engineered for ultimate ease-of-use, requiring less work and reducing the overall time Holland’s team spends processing renewals.

With Online Renewals the process starts with leasing staff reviewing upcoming lease expirations from the renewal dashboard and drafting the renewal offer.

From there renters can securely access their lease renewal online, review available offers and select the offer they like best.

After accepting a renewal offer, renters can E-Sign the renewal at their convenience using any smartphone, tablet or computer.

Online Renewals and the entire Resident Passport suite are optimized for mobile devices.

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