On Location: Parkway at Hunter’s Creek, Orlando

Parkway at Hunter's Creek Apartments is a 15-minute drive from downtown Orlando, Fla.

Text and Photography by Alina Patel, Contributing Editor

Parkway at Hunter’s Creek Apartments is a 15-minute drive from downtown Orlando, Fla., and mere minutes from The Loop—an area with a movie theater, shopping and restaurants. Owned by Colony, this Laramar Group-managed community’s location in the southwest region of Orlando is very desirable, according to Gilma Kruzyk, assistant property manager.

The property’s curb appeal also grabs the interest of prospective residents, she says. It’s easy to see why, as soon as one steps foot on the property. Palm trees and Saw Palmetto wave lazily in the Floridian breeze and the sound of the water from the fountain adds a tranquil backdrop. The landscaping is green and lush, with various types of flora populating the property.

The most popular amenities, according to Kruzyk, are the fitness center, Internet café and pool. Recently four grills were added—two charcoal and two gas—as well as two large, flat-screen TVs installed in a lounge area next to the pool. The entire property was recently upgraded to WiFi, much to the delight of the residents. Additionally, the putting green located just outside the pool and the lounge area are both being resurfaced. “The residents love the amenities here,” adds Kruzyk.

There is also a public transportation option; the LYNX bus line has a stop right outside the property. Biodegradable, recyclable carpeting in the units and energy-efficient lighting are just two green features that appeal to the residents of Parkway at Hunter’s Creek.

The most effective leasing tools, according to the marketing team, are attracting drive-bys through curb appeal, word-of-mouth advertising, a lot of referrals and a good amount of renewals. When a resident’s renewal is around the corner, management gives away small tokens of gratitude, such as barbecue tools, to show their appreciation. Currently, there is also an option of upgrading an amenity within the apartment upon renewal.

Resident satisfaction is one of the reasons that Parkway at Hunter’s Creek has become so successful. The management hosts community get-togethers, as well as an ongoing charity in which residents can donate belongings to the less fortunate. Parkway at Hunter’s Creek also has mutual discounts with local businesses, including Hilton Hotels, L.A. Fitness, Lifestyle Fitness, Hard Rock Café, Rosen Convention Center, AAA, Southwest Airlines, Nickelodeon Suites, AT&T and the Orlando Utilities Commission.

Additionally, the service provided to residents is incomparable. Kruzyk shared a story about long-time resident, Helen Pasciucco. Upon hearing that it was Pasciucco’s 10-year anniversary of living at Parkway, Kruzyk and staff surprised her at the door with balloons and a card. Says Pasciucco, “I love it. The people are very, very nice. You get to know everybody… I’m very happy here. If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t have stayed for so long!” In regards to the surprise celebration, she says, “That was so nice. I was shocked. They try to do that for everybody when something like that is coming up.”

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