New Submetering Solution Features Meter Data Retrieval, Faster billing

New Orleans--The submetering solution provides property managers with a strong ROI and encourages residents to conserve water.

New Orleans–Inovonics released its Remote Data Logger (RDL) 8500 and accompanying TapWatch 3 software utility submetering solution for multifamily properties at the National Apartment Association’s conference in New Orleans last week. The RDL8500 and TapWatch 3 combine to enable users to perform site-setup, retrieve meter-reads directly from multifamily properties and quickly generate information for billing purposes.

“This new submetering solution also provides commercial property managers with a strong ROI and encourages tenants to conserve water,” Mark Jarman, president of Inovonics, tells MHN. Designed specifically for multifamily properties, the RDL8500 sensor collects and stores all of the data and messages from a wireless submetering system, including all of the system readings for water, and, in some cases gas and electric utilities, in a multifamily property. The TapWatch 3 software provides the means for the initial programming of the remote data logger and for registering RF transmitters and repeaters used in the submetering system. It also gives authorized billing companies remote access to all of the vital data stored in the RDL8500. A transmitter is installed in every unit but there is only one RDL per property, which can support upto 2,000 units.

“The ability to connect to the Internet is going to allow for more efficient communications and for more timely reads of utility usage. It will make the submetering process more cost effective and efficient,” explains Jarman. The RDL8500 Ethernet communications capabilities gives Inovonics flexibility in installation—and combined with the new software’s check-in monitor, provides the installer intelligent feedback as to the signal strength so the owner/manager knows that the unit is at optimum performance.

With conservation on everyone’s minds, and many states—including Nevada and North Carolina—passing legislations requiring submetering in all new properties, submetering has become a hot issue. “With utility cost recovery there are some cost savings, but when a resident has to pay for utilities, it makes his or her conservation efforts 15 percent higher. For example, if you have a leaky toilet, and you’re not paying for it, you may or may not call the super to fix it. On the other hand, if you are paying for it, you will call the super right away. Imagine how important this is in a state like California which is facing water shortages,” explains Jarman.

Key benefits of the RDL8500 and TapWatch 3 software include:

  • Connectivity via a built-in modem for remote access; support of 300 repeaters and 2,000 transmitters with new RDL8500 features. The RDL8500 supports connection to a standard telephone line. It is compatible with EchoStream Pulse Meter Transmitters (PMTs) and Repeaters.
  • Powerful and expandable – the software architecture allows for faster rollout of new features in the future.
  • Windows 7 compatibility and Outlook-based “look and feel” with TapWatch 3.
  • Role-based access levels (Admin, Tech, View only).
  • Built-in, automatic Scheduler.
  • Dial-out or Dial in for RDL communications.
  • SQL database.

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