Multifamily Influencer Marketing: Lessons From Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce (But Mostly Taylor)

You don't have to be a pop megastar or a Super Bowl winner to benefit from this kind of marketing. (Though, if you are, it couldn't hurt.) But you can learn from them to boost your brand!

Jessica Fiur, Editor-in-Chief

Hey! Did you know that Travis Kelce (who is a Tight End for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League) and Taylor Swift (who is Taylor Swift) are potentially dating? Or, if not dating, at least hanging out a lot? Swift even went to watch him play football the other day!

Of course you know that. Everyone with a pulse in this country and probably other countries knows that. The news is everywhere! The NFL even reported about Swift attending Kelce’s game

Are they really in love? Or are they both just trying to boost their popularity, especially to new groups of people who might not have cared about them previously? Who knows? Who cares! (Just kidding. We all love you, Taylor, and we want you to find happiness. You seem fine as well, Travis.) All we know is that if it is to boost popularity, it’s working. News that Swift was at the football game—sitting next to Kelce’s mom, by the way—outshone the NFL’s Super Bowl halftime show announcement. And after that game, sales of Kelce’s jersey spiked by 400 percent, putting him among the top five most popular jerseys for sale, according to a spokesperson for sports merchandise company Fanatics. Beyond merch sales, Kelce gained thousands of Instagram followers, and the game was the most-watched football game that week. 

Talk about great influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing in general can have a lot of benefits for the company and the consumer. For multifamily operators and marketers, that can mean reaching new potential renters, ones who might not necessarily see targeted ads for a community on Google, or who don’t go directly to the community website for information about apartments. 

There are several reasons you might want to consider influencer marketing for your multifamily community.

  • Prospective residents—80 percent—use social media when they’re looking for an apartment. You might as well get in front of them. The NFL knows this for their marketing—they tweeted that Taylor is HERE! 

  • It’s a great way to show off different aspects of your apartment community. The website probably just shows amenity spaces and sample apartments, and virtual tours don’t necessarily show people enjoying the space. Like Swift enjoying a football game, your influencer can make a video about actually living in the community, or what they like about it. It adds some personality!

    I couldn’t afford to get Taylor either, so here’s a football. Image credit: Jean-Daniel Francoeur via

  •  OK, you’re probably not going to get Taylor Swift to do an influencer video for you. But apartments can benefit from smaller influencers, or even micro influencers who appeal to your niche. This could be someone who already lives in your community and has a relatively large social following. You probably wouldn’t have to pay that much for someone who wasn’t famous, and maybe they’d even do it for free. (Regardless, it would be less than if you tried to hire Swift.)

Would you consider influencer marketing for your multifamily community? Or do you you already successfully use it? Would you go to a football game if Taylor Swift was there? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Send a tweet to @MHNOnline or @jfiur, send a Threads message to @jfiur, or send me a message on LinkedIn

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