Multi-Housing News: Inside the October 2013 Issue

Read the articles from the latest digital issue of Multi-Housing News.

OCT-insideEditor’s Note: Your Target Demographic

The AVA brand shows how easy it is to connect.

Executive Insight: Q&A: One Deal at a Time

Patrick Simons on SummerHill’s Southern California pipeline.

Letters: Letter to the Editor

Inaccurate statements regarding wood construction and the Florida Building Code.

Finance & Investment: On the Hunt

Founded in 1947, Hunt has grown from a family hardware store
into a multi-billion dollar enterprise with an eye for opportunity.

Market Report: Rebirth of the Big Easy

Hurricane-ravaged New Orleans is America’s posterchild for resilience.

Property Management: Happy, At Last

What to do when residents are deeply dissatisfied with community condition.

MHN 2013 Excellence Awards: Meet the winners

MHN announced 32 winners in 17 categories during the magazine’s annual awards reception.

Tech Report: Lessons Learned

Early misconceptions have been replaced by hard-earned truths.

Green Beat: Breathe Free

Don’t let radon and second-hand smoke impact IAQ at your apartment communities.

Products & Services: Wall-Hung Toilets

Create a slick look while saving both space and water.

Renter’s Choice: Tech-Savvy Communities

Apartment residents share what works—and what doesn’t.





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