Mobile-based tech makes the adoption of smart-home features simple for multifamily owners

New options offer upgraded security and enhanced resident convenience for MDUs and gated communities.

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The smart home tech industry was valued at more than $79 billion last year and is forecast to eclipse $537 billion by 2030. Given the numbers and outlook, smart homes — and the use of smart technology — will continue to rapidly transform residential living.

Case in point: according to a 2019 National Apartment Association (NAA) survey, 84% of respondents who did not have smart home technology said they would like to see smart features implemented in the communities where they live. At the top of their lists? Keyless entry.

As the smart-tech lifestyle becomes ubiquitous, multifamily owners and managers are looking for ways to adapt gated communities and condo and apartment buildings to meet the needs of their residents with modern, keyless entry options for main entryways, as well as shared spaces like gyms, pool gates and common areas.

Digital First Steps

Founded in 2018, Nimbio uses patented, cellular-based technology to turn any electronic lock into a smart lock, enabling multi-dwelling unit residents to access their buildings with something they never leave home without: their smartphones.

In addition to not having to scramble to find their keys to enter their property, residents can share one-time or recurring digital keys with people who visit them on a regular basis, such as dog walkers and cleaning professionals.

For visitor arrivals, Nimbio offers options, depending on how a resident configures shared keys in the app:

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Occupants can manage an unlimited number of shared keys for friends, family, and service and delivery personnel with a few taps on their phones. Nimbio’s technology enables residents to grant entry no matter where they are, without any worry of having proximity to the access point.

Shared key usage is managed in the Nimbio app directly within the account of the resident who created it. In all cases, entry privilege can be immediately revoked when a guest leaves.

Along with providing access to in-home service providers, Nimbio installation ensures that delivery personnel are able to deliver packages to building residents. Approximately 75 percent of households receive three or more packages per month, and with the ability to give access to delivery personnel, residents no longer have to worry about missed packages or redeliveries. This also frees up property superintendents to focus on property management, rather than the busy work of receiving and managing parcels.

Nimbio Gate

Image courtesy of Nimbio

Nimbio’s ease of use is matched by its ease of implementation. The application’s technology integrates seamlessly with a building’s existing access infrastructure, so multifamily building owners and managers can offer keyless living to its residents without overhauling its systems. And while it’s evident that modern keyless living is becoming more popular, some residents require a traditional entry solution due to personal preference or need. For them, Nimbio’s system does not interfere with existing keys, cards or fobs.

Just as important, because the product operates via cellular connection, owners do not need to add Wi-Fi coverage or extend existing coverage to entryways, including gates, or other limited-access areas, such as community rooms, parcel rooms, gyms, pools, laundry rooms or rooftop patios. Similarly, users do not have to worry about internet outages or Wi-Fi connection issues.

Once the system is set up, Nimbio provides property owners and managers the ability to administer entry privileges for residents through its Community Manager interface, which is accessible via both the Nimbio app on a mobile device and a web browser on a desktop computer. Remote control of all shared access points eliminates the need for on-site personnel to service late night lock out calls lowering operating costs for owners.

Eye on the future

The rapid rise of smart innovations is pervasive – and can seem overwhelming. Nimbio’s elegantly simple, low-cost solution can not only meet residents’ modern, keyless living expectations, but also enable building owners and managers to offer an in-demand technology, all while paving the way for the continuing evolution of how we live.

For more information about keyless technology, contact Nimbio.

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