Mission Success: Leaving a Mark on Nashville’s Multifamily Scene

To celebrate Black History Month, MHN brings you a compelling conversation with DeLisa Guerrier, one of Tennessee’s top real estate entrepreneurs.

DeLisa Guerrier grew up in Northern California having her mother as her role model. To put food on the table, Guerrier’s mom worked as a pile driver operator, a job that was (and still is) far from what women would typically do. But it taught Guerrier that there weren’t any limits to how much she could grow.

Today, together with husband Elde, she owns a successful real estate development and investment firm in Nashville, Tenn. Guerrier Development is all about intentional development and long-term impact. Alongside partners, DeLisa and Elde delivered hundreds of workforce apartments and continue to focus on improving local families’ lives by building attainable housing on land owned by churches.

Now, they’ve set their eyes on changing the Nashville community forever by developing Storyville Gardens, a $1.2 billion project to be built over the course of five years. Plans call for multifamily units, condos, retail, a golf course, dining and entertainment—with a story-based theme park resort at the heart of it all.

To hear what Guerrier revealed to Multi-Housing News Senior Editor Laura Calugar in this episode of our Mission Success: Women in Multifamily podcast series, press PLAY now:  

  • DeLisa’s childhood (1:06)
  • From medicine to real estate (3:27)
  • The driving force behind entrepreneurial success (5:15)
  • The story behind Storyville Gardens (6:20)
  • Church-centered community development (8:52)
  • How Guerrier Development deals with current economic challenges (11:40)
  • Do fun and real estate go together? (13:16)
  • No regrets (14:01)
  • Who she looks up to (14:57)
  • Reasons to be proud (17:51)
  • Plans for 2024 (18:52)
  • Is real estate still a male-dominated territory? (19:51)

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