Miami-Based Real Estate Firm Pioneers Facebook Property Search

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Cervera Real Estate has launched the first Facebook application enabling users to search listings and quickly seek feedback from loved ones worldwide.

By Jeffrey Steele, Contributing Writer

Miami—Ever wish you could ask far-flung friends to weigh in on your very local home search? That wish has become reality, now that Miami luxury condominium real estate sales and marketing firm Cervera Real Estate has launched the first Facebook application enabling users to search local home listings and quickly seek feedback on their choices from loved ones worldwide.

“Our motivation was to keep up with the trends,” Anuca Valverde, president of marketing, Cervera, tells MHN. “Given that Facebook is so popular and growing so quickly with users, we want to speak to the people who are out there. And what better way than to add an application in that forum?”

One of the most noteworthy aspects of the groundbreaking application is that users do not have to leave Facebook to conduct their searches, says Susie Glass, Cervera vice president of marketing and sales. Other real estate brokers offer links, but take them outside Facebook to Web sites of other companies.

What’s more, with Facebook, Cervera Real Estate can truly target its marketing initiatives. It has rolled out marketing campaigns in South America, and about 40 percent of its likes now come from Brazil and Venezuela, two prime target markets for the company. “We’re rolling out to Mexico and Argentina, and we’re also in New York,” Glass says. “This allows us to really target specific interests, demographics and locations in a way that would not be possible with most other marketing tools. The analytics Facebook makes possible are really dynamic.”

The application was developed by Miami-based SocialKandy, which builds apps specifically for social media uses. SocialKandy managing partner Pablo Ceron reports that the application allows Cervera to promote both its Facebook page and properties in a viral way. “When you come to [Cervera’s] Facebook page and connect by liking them, they now have a way to continue connecting with you and keeping you aware of Cervera Real Estate,” he says.

“You can share properties with those who are close to you. If you’re searching for a property in Miami, you can send your choices to friends and family throughout the world. That is something you could not do unless you have those social connections that you have on Facebook. We wanted to make sure we didn’t just replicate our website within Facebook, but instead leveraged the power of the Facebook social graph. You can connect instantly with friends on Facebook, then with a couple of clicks, also send the properties you are considering to anyone through email without leaving Facebook.”

Cervera Real Estate is hearing from users who report their searches are simpler with the new application than on Cervera’s own Web site. With the app, ease and accessibility are enhanced, Glass reports. Moreover, users like the ability to privately share three properties and engage in dialogue with friends and family about those properties before making a decision, and to be able to do it all on Facebook.

That Cervera Real Estate was the one to pioneer the concept shouldn’t come as a surprise, Valverde asserts. “Having been around 40 years, we’ve had a lot of firsts,” she says. “This is just another way of leading the industry.”

The social property search is located on the Cervera Real Estate Facebook page, at

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