Meet the Organic ‘Eco-Chandelier’ from WAC Lighting

WAC Lighting has employed Organic LEDs in their new chandelier, Sōl, which is making waves among sustainable design circles.


Garden City, New York—You have almost certainly heard of LEDs—light emitting diodes. The small luminaries have been proved to be an efficient and durable lighting source in recent decades. But what about OLEDs? OLEDs, organic light emitting diodes, are a class of LEDs that employ a film of organic compounds that emit light in response to an electric current.

WAC Lighting has implemented this interesting and inherently green technology in their new light Sōl™. Not only does the chandelier use an energy efficient light source, the fixture was created without the use of heavy metals or other rare earth minerals.

The fixture has seven OLED panels that produce 420 lumens, which ensures the room is free of both shadows and glare. Each panel is cool to the touch, and is adjustable for ambient mood lighting. The central panel faces down, while the others can be rotated outwards to provide the correct amount of direct and indirect light for the space.

Sōl™ has been making waves in the design circle. It was included in Green Builder Magazine’s “Hot 50 Products” for 2012 in the publication’s February issue. For more information, visit WAC Lighting’s product page.

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