Management Diaries: Fortifying Teams to Thrive Through Change

MHN's Denile Doyle and Windsor Communities' Telisha Jones discuss how leaders can foster resilient teams in fast-changing times.

As the property management landscape continuously evolves, effective leadership during times of change becomes paramount. Whether you’re dealing with market fluctuations, technological advancements or shifts in roles or responsibilities, property management leaders will inevitably need to guide their teams through change.

Creating a culture of resilience involves staying agile and fostering a growth-oriented mindset, says Telisha Jones, a senior vice president at Windsor Communities.

Jones manages all aspects of residential operations in Windsor’s Central region and has more than 20 years of industry experience. Her expertise includes lease-ups, renovations, repositionings and managing stabilized assets.

In this episode of Management Diaries, Jones joins Multi-Housing News Production Editor Denile Doyle to discuss building resilient teams in property management and equipping associates to navigate organizational change.

Here’s a preview of what they talked about:

  • Why leaders need to create a safe space for their teams to fail (2:39)
  • The impact small exercises such as dedicated mindset days can have on your team (5:24)
  • How Jones positions her associates to mentor their peers and become “change champions” (10:02)
  • The benefits of leveraging external tools and services to help teams and leaders manage stress (11:45)
  • Her advice for agile leadership and solidifying psychological safety for teams during periods of change (17:41)

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