Make an Easy Community Upgrade with a Modern Bike Rack from ANOVA

With less than a month before National Bike Month begins, there is still time to arrange a bit of a treat for your residents.

The Arch Bike Rack

With less than a month before National Bike Month begins, there is still just enough time to arrange a treat for your residents. While bike racks have the unfair reputation of being somewhat unsightly, new models are being designed with refined tastes that can pair up nicely with your project, no matter the style. Even better, bike racks can contribute to LEED certification and credit requirements for communities that qualify as ‘Alternative Transportation, Bicycle Friendly Site Planning’.

The Arch Bike Rack

Anova Furnishings, a site furniture manufacturer, has a full suite of bike rack solutions perfect for a range of apartment communities. Along with dozens of iterations of the traditional bike rack, Anova offers an attractive line of contemporary units that are really infrastructure art. The Circle Bike Rack accommodates two bikes and can be arranged in a line or pattern depending on the space availability/size of your community. The Key Bike Rack fittingly looks like a wind-up key from a retro toy car and can also accommodate two bikes. The Arch Bike Rack is another dual bike rack with a medallion that comes standard with a bike icon, though it can be customized with any logo, perhaps reinforcing your community or company brand.

All three styles are made of steel and are built to last with a powder coated finish to resist rusting. The premium quality steel itself is also highly resistant to salt corrosion, rusting, pitting and cracking. Be sure to check out the full range of ANOVA products—ranging from picnic tables to ash urns—at the company’s website.

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