Maintenance Requests

MHN finds out what renters really think about their property management.

By Philip Shea, Associate Editor

MHN teamed up again this month with research and consulting services firm Kingsley Associates—which surveys over 1 million residents each year. Sentiments range from enthusiastic satisfaction to immense frustration and, as with most things, convenience is a primary factor. New technologies make available and, in some cases, necessitate new approaches to how repairs and services requests are handled. Many renters now expect to be able to send maintenance requests via their computers or mobile devices, and while this is just one element of convenience, it also conveys the impression that the community overall is keeping up with the times. Promptness of response still remains a crucial element, as well as how carefully maintenance team members perform their work inside an individual unit. Cleanliness, consideration and attention to detail are rules to live by in this particular area of apartment management.

” The rent is high here, but I really like the way the maintenance staff always leaves a note letting you know who was in your unit and what work they did while they were there.” —Charlotte, N.C.

“I had to put in a maintenance request three times. It was missed each time due to input error by management. Once the problem was fixed, it was fine.” —Atlanta

“I’d love to have the ability to request maintenance via a tweet/Facebook message.” —Cumberland, R.I.

“Do follow-up calls to residents if you can’t responds to maintenance requests on time.” —Hyattsville, Md.

“Our main complaint is that it has taken four to five days to have a maintenance request resolved, and this was after numerous calls. We do not blame maintenance, but rather the staff that dispatch them.” —Culver City, Calif.

“I had a couple of minor non-emergency maintenance calls that I submitted online in the past. The maintenance issues were repaired the same day.” —Kennesaw, Ga.

“My bathroom floor has black maintenace boot marks. Please clean up after youself!” —Newport News, Va.

“My only complaint about living here involves the grounds maintenance service. The constant mowing, blowing and trimming seems beyond excessive. This goes on for hours many days every week.” —Rockville, Md.

“Maintenance should be able to properly fix the problem on the first call!” —Scottsdale, Ariz.

“The community has its own website with a resident login for account info, online payments, maintenance requests and event info. This, I think, is convenient and more important than social networking sites.” —Sunrise, Fla.

“When someone moves in and asks for things to be fixed: do it.” —Houston

Resident feedback from Kingsley Associates.

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