LOFTwall is the Ultimate User-Defined Space Divider

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Partitions from LOFTwall offer an attractive, affordable and customizable way for residents and interior designers to make smaller spaces more functional. The panels feature a self-adhesive system that can use any cover material, so LOFTwall can work with any design or color scheme.


Dallas—A resident defined user space is becoming a very popular solution in apartment units, especially those smaller spaces located in the urban infill assets everyone is trying to get their hands on. Architects are creating innovating spaces with sliding patricians that let renter configure their layout how they want.

If you are updating a studio or one-bedroom unit and want to provide the option for a small office or private bedroom without a complete ground up renovation, than look to LOFTwall Divider Screens for an innovative and cost-effective solution.

Designed by Parwall, the divider screens are perfect for apartments with open layouts and any design scheme. Renters can even create panels suited to their own design scheme thanks to LOFTwall’s offering of self adhesive panels that can be tailored with any cover material.


“We wanted to create a user friendly design, with a modern aesthetic, that is easily changed and updated by the end user as their needs or tastes change one they own the divider,” says Steve Kindler, designer and founder of LOFTWall. “LOFTwall will allow consumers to have a customized partition wall that is a unique low-cost solution. You decided what you want and it is simple enough for the consumer to build it themselves.”

The patricians are available in 4’, 6’ and 8’ widths. There are over 20 different panel materials provided by LOFTwall, though renters and interior designers can easily customize the panes with literally any cover material.

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