LG’s New Dishwasher Gets the Job Done

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The unit's QuadWash Pro technology combines with full-coverage, powerful water jets to clean soiled dishes from all angles.

LG Top-Control Dishwasher

LG’s top-control dishwasher uses QuadWash Pro and Dynamic Heat Dry technologies for faster cleaning in one hour. The unit’s efficiency is matched by its smart design, which includes several engineering enhancements. Residents working from home are using their kitchens before, during and after work, so the unit’s fast wash cycle can save time by cleaning dishes more quickly.

The wash cycle begins with LG’s TrueSteam, which removes baked-on foods. Next, QuadWash Pro technology combines with powerful water jets that clean from all angles for thorough coverage. The jets’ microbubble-infused water breaks down heavily soiled dishes. When the dishes have been washed, Heat Dry circulates super-heated air for fully dried dishes.

Dishwasher features include a glide rail and ball-bearing wheel design that enables smooth loading and unloading, even for heavier loads. Another design feature is a height-adjustable third rack that can hold more items, including flatware and small espresso cups. An interior LED tub light turns on automatically when the dishwasher is opened to aid visibility.

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