LG Hausys Reaches New Green Ground for Solid Surfaces

LG Hausys Surfaces has made a big step forward for sustainable interior design with the release of Eden Plus, a surface with up to a 41 percent pre-consumer recycled material content.

Eden Plus

Atlanta—LG Hausys Surfaces has made a big step forward in the creation of sustainable interior designs with the introduction of the HI-MACS Eden Plus range of solid surfaces that are comprised of up to 41 percent pre-consumer recycled materials. The product can contribute to apartments seeking LEED certification with third-party certificates for indoor air quality and sustainable interior materials from the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute.

Eden Plus is non-porous, stain and scratch resistant, and easy to clean and maintain. The surface comes in 13 colors than range from walnut to cotton. Each color has a different recycled content component, but the average is 29.4 percent. Sheets are ½ inches thick and are available in a variety of sizes.

The surface is produced in the United States at the HI-MACS facility in Gordon County, Ga., near Atlanta. The facility, which was the first LG manufacturing center established in the United States, employs a number of sustainable practices. The waste sheets and side trim from the production process are recollected and ground up for use in other Eden Plus product. Ninety percent of the acetone from the cleaning process is recaptured and reused as well.

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