Legrand’s Wireless Lighting System Seamlessly Blends Tech and Design

Do your renters need to control their lighting with a wireless remote or smartphone? No, but they probably don't need a tanning bed or misting station either. That doesn't mean they don't want them.

By Mike Ratliff, Senior Associate Editor

Wireless Lighting Remote_1

The wireless lighting remote.

Time and time again we have seen renters pay a premium for convenience in a luxury setting. Your residents don’t enjoy living near transit because they are rail fans—they are fans because of the short commute to work. They like to be within walking distance to the grocery store. They want to access a state-of-the-art gym without going outside. They want to be able to control their apartment’s lighting with a remote or smart phone. You might ask why, and they will respond, why not? It is cool, convenient and the technology is there.

sofTap Switch Cherry

The sofTap switch in cherry.

Legrand, a leading provider of products and systems for electrical installations, has introduced a new network of wireless controls known as adorne™. The line’s flagship is a lighting system that lets the user control lights with a handheld remote or mobile device from any room in the apartment or house. The product delivers in the looks department as well, since adorne™ is compatible with an attractive suite of dimmer and touch switches from Legrand. If a wireless lighting system it too much luxury or tech for your asset, the Legrand’s offering of design-forward light switches can still add a unique finishing touch that sets your product apart from the competition.

The adorne™ wireless collection also includes a video intercom system that can let the user see who is outside buzzing their apartment without getting off the couch. There is also a Wi-Fi music system with speakers that can be controlled with a mobile device.

Be sure to visit Legrand’s website for additional information and a look into what the future of electrical systems will look like.

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