Latch Partners with Niido for Smartphone Apartment Sharing

Able to connect to larger smart systems, the device’s safe, easy-to-use capabilities ensure that residents have complete access to their units by manipulating their mobile apps.

By Alex Ciorogar



Built on the idea of collaborative consumption, Niido powered by Airbnb—a hybrid financial model of peer-to-peer exchange company, which delivers the first rental home sharing opportunities—has partnered with Latch, an electronic access system specifically designed for multifamily communities, to ensure that residents have access by using their smart device. When booking their Niido apartments, guests will receive digital credentials to access the community.

“We are working with Niido to create a seamless access solution for its buildings,” said Luke Schoenfelder, co-founder & CEO of Latch, in prepared remarks. “Safe and seamless access sharing is crucial to the success of home sharing platforms like Niido that represent the future of hospitality and modern living.”

Having the security requirements of commercial properties and the privacy of residential units, the Latch system features access sharing possibilities and automated delivery options, such as remotely unlocking doors with an iOS or Android smartphone. Residents can grant temporary access to guests, service providers, owners, management personnel and delivery providers. They can also use a keycard or a door code. 

New Series

Latch offers three series to choose from: R Series, M Series and C Series. The R Series features a smart reader, a door controller, a wide-angle built-in security camera, a digital log and motion detectors. Residents can use Wiegand, Ethernet, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to connect the device to other intelligent systems. The company also incorporated Near-field communication and haptic technologies into its device. Consequently, users can receive alerts, images and push changes from their smart devices. Via the web interface, managers can add and remove residents and share guest access.

Late last year, Niido partnered with Airbnb Inc. to design a community which meets sharing and flexible living standards. Located in Kissimmee, Fla., the 324-unit project is slated for completion in the first quarter of this year. Residents will be able to share their units for approximately 180 days per year. Niido will provide access tools, including the new Airbnb-integrated app which allows support checking-in and assisting guests during their stay.

Image courtesy of Latch

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