Kohler’s Abstra Collection Repurposes Waste Into Art

Designers and ceramicists leveraged Kohler’s pottery waste to make a unique and sustainable product.

Abstra Collection by Kohler WasteLAB. Image courtesy of Kohler

Kohler’s Abstra Collection is the latest design by the Kohler WasteLAB, a company arm that repurposes factory waste to create new, sustainable products while supporting a better planet. Abstra is the lab’s second tile collection. Created from Kohler’s pottery waste, the tiles are designed for both residential and commercial installations.

The Abstra Collection reflects an avant-garde design and the appearance of sculpted clay. It resembles a textural work of art that can elevate any space. Abstra Feature delivers an abstract pattern with geometric shapes, raised and relief designs and an undulating surface, while Abstra Standard reveals an unadorned tile with a raised design.

To make the most sustainable product, WasteLAB designers and ceramicists took this creation in a new direction. The team created a new way to leverage the pottery waste used for Abstra’s tile body. The product is constructed primarily from pottery waste clay and glaze, then the material is dewatered and processed into a useable base material.

Abstra Feature and Abstra Standard are offered in nature-based palette of colors, including cloud, ash, storm, buff, sage, marigold and velvet matte finishes, and linen, Crete, terra cotta and slate brushed finishes. The two styles can be combined to create a unique design statement.

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