Kitchen Amenities

Apartment residents share what works—and what doesn’t.

This month, MHN teamed up with research and consulting services firm Kingsley Associates to ask residents what they think about the kitchens in their apartment homes. Having a functional space with plenty of storage is a must for many, but research also shows a sustained interest in design. Energy efficiency is also a concern as multifamily residents join the growing number of Americans focused on reducing their environmental footprints.

❝    Energy efficient kitchen appliances will help save energy and will lead to a greener future. ❞
—Waltham, Mass.

❝    The location is perfect, but for the rent we pay, the finishes should be better quality. We need a garbage disposal, backsplash, higher grade counter tops, and thicker walls. ❞
—Westbury, N.Y.

❝    There is no ventilation from the stove/oven and microwave.
It makes grilling and broiling impossible. ❞
—Arlington, Va

❝    There is too little kitchen storage space. ❞
—Washington, D.C.

❝    In what universe is a kitchen with only one drawer for storage logical, practical, or even marginally useful? ❞
—Federal Way, Wa.

❝    My refrigerator failed on a Sunday morning and I was offered several options for keeping my food safe and had a new refrigerator within 24 hours. Great service. ❞
—Cumberland, RI

❝    I love the kitchen upgrades! ❞
—Chicago, IL

❝    The only thing I was a little disappointed about
when I moved in was that the cabinets, countertops and layout were different in my apartment than in the one I viewed. ❞
—Englewood, CO

❝    This kitchen is killing me… there’s not enough cabinet space. I have pots and pans in my bedroom closet, serving pieces in the hall closet, and other kitchen items in the front bathroom closet. ❞
—Clearwater, Fla.

❝    I knew I wouldn’t be leasing at that apartment community as soon as I saw the state of the kitchen appliances. ❞
—Houston, TX

❝    Appliances and fixtures in the unit are old. I would have expected much nicer amenities for what we’re paying. ❞
—Austin, TX

❝    Energy efficiency appliances would be great. ❞
—Orlando, Fla.

❝    My only desire would be to have an upgrade option for the appliances, although I understand the need for conformity to make maintenance efficient. ❞
—Palm Beach Fla.

Resident feedback from Kingsley Associates

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