Jaga Reveals In-Floor Heating and Cooling System

Jaga Climate Systems introduces a new customizable line of trench heaters and coolers that can be tailored to fit almost any design need. The radiators are also energy efficient and require less water than traditional units.

Jaga's Canal Suite

Toronto—Jaga Climate Systems has introduced the Canal suite, a new line of in-floor heating and cooling trench radiators. The series includes three different style options that can be designed to match most interior surfaces with different grille cover options.

“Designing for the environment does not have to mean compromising on space or aesthetic,” says Chris Makarewicz, national engineering advisor, Jaga Climate Systems. “Whether designing for condos in a high-rise building with floor-to-ceiling windows or for a car dealership that requires open, unobstructed space, our new suite of in-floor heating and cooling solutions has product that can match any need.”

The largest, though still unobtrusive, of the three offerings is dubbed ‘Clima Canal’. It supplies either air conditioning or heat, and can be built into either the floor or wall. When floor space is limited, Jaga recommends the ‘Micro Canal’, a shallow trench heat exchanger. ‘Mini Canal’ is the smaller than the ‘Clima Canal’, but has varying depth, size and grill options.

The efficient Jaga offerings all help reduce energy usage, and in turn, utility bills. The Canal suite of radiators also work in conjunction with hydronic solutions, which makes them a good counterpart for energy generated by geothermal, solar or condensing boiler heat systems. By operating at low temperature heat loads, the radiators also require less water and energy than traditional systems, further reducing their environmental impact.

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