It Isn’t Easy Being Green: Renters Dish on Sustainability

As property owners and managers increasingly focus on environmentally friendly measures at their buildings, how does this affect residents and what do they really think?

This month, MHN and Kingsley Associates partnered up to find which green initiatives are making a difference for renters and which ones they could do without.

“I’d like to see the complex be more environmentally friendly, not use chemicals on the grass, pick up trash along the river, and recycled-plastic bags to clean up after dogs.” –Melrose, Mass.

“This green stuff isn’t all that important to us, but I will note that the leaky windows do waste heating energy in winter.” –Washington, D.C.

“On-site recycling receptacles! Maybe even community compost or a designated space for a community garden. A few more environmentally friendly features would be awesome.” –Richmond, Va.

“It’s important to focus on being environmentally friendly. Having up-to-date technology is an added bonus; even for little things like keyless entry to the apartment (for example having a coded door lock instead).” –Houston

“Stop claiming to be ‘green’ and send monthly paper statements. ALLOW people to opt out. That is so counter to what you’re trying to advocate.” –Deerfield, Ill.

 “I like that the building is environmentally conscious and that many things are made rom recycled materials.” –Seattle

“Please make recycling easier. For example, put recycling bins in the trash rooms for glass bottles and other recyclables.” –Boston

“In my last apartment, there was a market place where residents could advertise their furniture for sale when they moved out. It was great for everyone (particularly concierge who didn’t have to receive so many parcels) and also environmentally friendly.” –Jacksonville, Fla.

 “I’d like to see more environmentally friendly amenities like a car share, bike share, and a green wall. The latter are becoming more common in urban spaces to mitigate localized air pollution.” –Seattle

“I am strongly in favor of green initiatives! If enough residents have plug-in cars, an electric car charging station would be a good idea.” –Wheaton, Ill.

“Green practices are wonderful, and this complex is already pretty green. Maybe transitioning to a saltwater pool instead of chlorine. Overall we are happy with the current status.” –Phoenix

“LEED and Energy Star should be federal requirements, but the company won’t build things right until forced to do so.” –Columbus, Ohio

“I think being energy-efficient and going green should be something that should already come with apartments and should not be an additional cost.” –Charlotte, N.C.

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