Isenberg’s Clean-Kitchen Lineup

Motion-activated sprayers keep sink walls clean and give produce 360-degree wash.

Isenberg has debuted a suite of products that enhance kitchen-sink operation and convenience.

Sink Basin Sprayer. Image courtesy of Isenberg

Sink Basin Sprayer

Multidirectional spray nozzles sit along the sink’s upper perimeter and feature motion-activated sensors that engage the water. The sprayer can wash the sink walls or rinse produce with a 360-degree wash method. The side edge sprayers attach anywhere along the sink, while the sliding sink sprayer conveniently slides along an inset track to suit the user.

Ultraviolet Sanitizer

The sanitizer kills bacteria on dishes and produce. The system utilizes magnetic pogo pins built into the sink along with UV lights on the removable lid. The product is self-operating when the lid is closed and lights up to provide cleaning status updates.

Peek-a-Boo Prep Sink. Image courtesy of Isenberg

Peek-A-Boo Prep Sink

The deep prep sink boasts an easily accessible faucet that slides up when you need to work in the prep sink and returns to its hidden position when the sink isn’t being used. A cover that sits atop the basin provides additional counter space while the sink isn’t in use and tucks into a slot while the sink is operational.

Smart Faucet

The smart faucet uses preset membrane switch buttons and gesture controls to manage water functions, including volume, temperature, pressure and filter status.

Indoor Herb Garden

A self-watering function is the star of this garden. Individual planters are connected to a watering system via a quick-release valve.

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