Is Safety a Priority?

MHN and Kingsley Associates asked renters what they think of the security measures at their communities, and what could be done to improve them.

MHN_RentsArt_800x600Do your residents feel secure in their apartment or community? This month, MHN and Kingsley Associates asked renters what they thought of the safety measures, and what could be done to improve them.

“I wanted to add cameras to the outside of my apartment because of recent robberies in my building. To my dismay, management won’t allow it.” —Phoenix

“It’s not safe here. I’m still pretty upset that someone with accomplices was able to walk out of the complex with three large-screen televisions and no one noticed!” Tempe, Ariz.

“The sense of security here is low. The parking lot is extremely dark and we sometimes have to walk to our cars with our phone flashlights on as a safety precaution.” —Atlanta

“The building needs strict security measures to keep uninvited people out. I have noticed strange people lingering in the community and waiting for resident to leave or enter their apartments.” —Silver Spring, Md.

“There are a few large, aggressive dogs here that are let off their leaches by irresponsible pet owners. These dogs running through the community are a danger to other small dogs and children.” —Alexandria, Va.

“The amount of children playing around the parking lot in the afternoons is a safety concern. This is unsafe for both the children and drivers. Please ask parents to have their children play at the playground or on the sidewalk.” —Nashville, Tenn.

“I would feel safer if there were cameras in the parking garages. The gates to the garages should also be adjusted to allow only one car in to prevent other cars from tailgating.” —Seattle

“Invest less in the look and feel of the building and more in the security and practicality for the residents who live here. I assure you, new furniture for the common area is far less valuable than feeling safe in your own home.” —Portland, Ore.

“A gate at the entrance of the parking garage that can be opened by the renter’s fob would make a big difference in the safety of the residents’ vehicles.” —Norwalk, Conn.

“There is some difficulty regarding the enforcement of parking and safety within the community. Without on-site management, it feels like residents disregard the noise restrictions and parking rules.” —Baton Rouge, La.

“The faulty fire alarms are a huge problem. They are way too sensitive and it has led to a culture where everyone ignores them entirely, which is very dangerous.” —New York

“I would like to see better security regarding residents and guests entering the facility. Tenants will let guests in and the entrance doors do not always close tight and secure, allowing others to walk in behind them.” —Raleigh, N.C.

“I have noticed on two occasions a group of teenagers drinking, smoking and playing music in the stairway entrance by my apartment. Even though they never enter the complex, they give residents who pass a hard time. We need a security guard to prevent these situations.” —North Hollywood, Calif.

“There should be security enhancements made on all entrances and in the parking garage. We need more security guards on duty at the same time. The one security guard we do have should be patrolling more frequently and on less of a predictable routine.” —Columbus, S.C.

“Having a secure gate that we cannot remotely let guests into is cumbersome. I wasn’t expecting to have to go let guests or food delivery people in every time.” —Destin, Fla.

“Add security cameras around the bike storage area and at entrances. I know cameras don’t stop theft from happening, but it definitely would deter it and help if anything is stolen.” —Austin, Texas

“There was smoke and some type of fire or incident the other night. The office personnel knew nothing about it and kept telling me there was no fire. If any safety issues occur in the complex, management should send out a memo to all residents as soon as it happens.” —Denver

“The staff does a great job of being visible throughout the day. It is generally very easy to get a question or concern addressed, making the community feel safe, secure and well supervised.” Los Angeles

“Several light posts around the property never light up, which is a safety concern. The lights by the mailboxes are usually out and since the light posts in that area are never on, getting mail is not only difficult, but also unsafe at night.” —Chelsea, Mass.

“It would be helpful for the staff to talk more with residents about their concerns. It would also be nice if they helped to create a relationship between the police that patrol the community and the residents.” —Atlanta

“There should be a secure way to get into the building without the fob. I enjoy that residents have to use a fob for security purposes. However, it would be nice to have one door that could be opened using a code for visitors or residents who forget their fob.” —Glendale, Colo.

“There are a handful of people who have had packages go missing. It has happened to us and to our neighbor on more than one occasion. I’d like to see the community acknowledge this problem and consider some security measure. It seems odd that this is happening in a secure building.” —Glendale, Calif.

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