Intellithings Launches Smart Home Device

The Israeli startup has released the RoomMe Personal Location Sensor, which can identify a person in a room and trigger customized settings.

RoomMe PLS. Image courtesy of Intellithings

Israeli startup Intellithings has released a new smart home device that can identify a person in a room via their smartphone and trigger personalized room-level settings for such variables as light, music and temperature. RoomMe Personal Location Sensor (PLS), a battery-powered disk that is mounted on the ceiling near the room entrance, uses patented Presence Sensing Technology to automatically respond to the presence of an individual, without the need to push a button or shout a command.

The product acts as a layer over existing smart devices and systems installed in the room to further customize the home environment. RoomMe is compatible with popular smart home systems including HomeKit, Wink and Sensibo, that control hundreds of smart products using the Z-Wave and Zigbee wireless protocols, such as Philips Hue and LIFX (lighting), Bose and Sonos (speakers) and Ecobee (thermostats).

RoomMe does not use a cloud and all presence and prioritization decisions are made on the sensor. With privacy in mind, the device does not collect or share personal data and does not use biometrics to identify people.

Many residents of multifamily communities enjoy smart home technology as a luxurious feature that saves time and enhances quality of life.

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