Insider Tips, FAQs and Secrets for a Great MHN Award Submission

Entering the MHN Excellence Awards? Here's the info you need for a stellar entry.

Interested in entering the MHN Excellence Awards? Wonderful! The Multi-Housing News editorial team is always thrilled to honor the best, most exciting and most interesting people, projects, deals and more every year.

But maybe you’re new to the process and want to know how to get started. Or you’ve entered (and/or won!) before, but want to know how to really impress the judges.

Fear not, I’m here to help!

Here are some tips and FAQs about the MHN Excellence Awards submission process.


  1. Explain why your property/project/deal/etc. stands out. Really tell the judges your story—what makes it special, why you should win. MHN judges typically look to honor innovation, thoughtfulness, creativity and leadership.
  2. Give context. Is your new affordable property especially needed because it’s located in an area with a dearth of affordable options? Did your social media campaign net you 40 percent more leases than normal? Let the judges know!
  3. Don’t just send a press packet. Especially if you’re sending the same press packet, with no further explanation, in multiple categories. Judges do look at the effort put in to the entries.
  4. Small companies can definitely compete—and win. Don’t be intimidated if you’re not one of the biggest companies with a huge portfolio. (And refer back to tip 1 about explaining why you should win.)
  5. Give all the information in the entry. Don’t expect the judges to just know what your company is doing or for them to check out your website for more information. Your entry form should provide a complete picture.
  6. Number and label all your attachments and images. All pieces of an entry are downloaded. They can easily get misplaced if they’re not labeled correctly (and please don’t just have a random string of numbers).
  7. Be thoughtful with your images. Before and after shots should always be labeled as such. And you don’t need a ton of the same property and amenity from different angles unless those images provide more information or context.
  8. Floor plans, renter reviews, video clips, etc. are always welcome. Be creative, give all relevant information and make your entry stand out.
  9. Make sure you give pertinent contact information. The editorial team might need to get in touch if an image in the submission doesn’t load correctly, if there’s a question about a submission, if they need to send you an award, or for many other reasons.
  10. Don’t be shy. Enter multiple categories! Submit yourself for rising star! Ask your team if there’s anything they want to submit too. You have to be in it, to win it!


How many submissions can I enter?

To quote the seminal piece of cinema Mean Girls, “The limit does not exist.” You can enter as many submissions in as many categories as you’d like. And after your first entry, there is a price reduction for additional entries!

Can the same project/company be entered in different categories?

Yes. A property with great amenities might also have a great interior design and a great website, for example. So why not enter all three categories?

Can I enter more then one project from the same company in the same category?


I won last year! Can I enter the same project in the same category again, or do I have to sit this year out?

Wow, congrats! And, also, as long as something major happened to the project in the past year, you can enter again.

Who decides the winners?

All awards* are picked by a group of judges who come from different areas of the industry. This can include developers, architects, economists, financiers, etc.

*There is actually one award that is editorially chosen, the Lifetime Achievement Award. We don’t accept submissions for this award.

I’m interested in judging. How can I be considered?

Great! Our judges often report really enjoying the whole process, which includes learning what others are doing in the industry, networking with other industry professionals and talking with the editorial team. Email Editor-in-Chief Jessica Fiur for more information.

If I’m judging, can I still submit projects?

Yes. You would just recuse yourself from judging any category you entered (same goes with if you’re affiliated with a company or project in a different category).

How come I won a category I didn’t enter?

We give our judges a lot of say in who wins what in which category. Sometimes, that means they’ll move an entry to something that they think is a better fit.

What is the pricing structure for entries?

It’s $325 for your first entry and $275 for each additional entry, no matter the category. If you enter during the early-bird pricing time, it’s $275 for your first entry and $225 for each additional category.

Do you accept bribes?

As mentioned, the judges pick all the winners, so you’d just be wasting your money. But if you want to send me something just out of the goodness of your heart, I accept diamonds, Lamborghinis and briefcases full of cash. No crypto! (I can’t figure that out.)

I have some commercial real estate projects that I think could win an award. Can I enter them?

The MHN Excellence Awards just honor residential real estate. However, our sister publication Commercial Property Executive has an award program as well, where you might be a good fit! Find information about entering and all the categories here.

I still have questions that weren’t answered. What should I do?

Email Editor-in-Chief Jessica Fiur for more information.

Find a list of all the categories for the 2023 MHN Excellence Awards.

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