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Executive Insight: Q&A with Sares Regis Group’s Kenneth Gladstein

Kenneth Gladstein, senior vice president of investments at Sares Regis Group, shares insights about the impact of renter psychology.

Property Management: Receivership Pitfalls in Property Management

Before stepping in on a receivership, there are some things a manager should know.

Finance & Investment: Investment Opportunities for the Coming Year

While the usual suspects show market potential, some say that there really are no markets to avoid in 2011.

Market Report: Promising Predictions for the 2011 Apartment Industry

While the usual suspects show market potential, some say that there really are no markets to avoid in 2011.

Development: Best Bet for Building: Small Units in an Urban Location

There appears to be a serious rental shortage in the making, and the greatest demand will come from Baby Boomers and their progeny—the emerging Renter Nation. Ironically, both groups want urban apartments that are smart-sized and affordable.

Green Beat: Multifamily Owners Focus on Green Benchmarking

Energy efficiency in the multifamily sector could be improved by about 30 percent nationwide by the end of the next decade, but owners must first know how much energy their portfolios consume.

Marketing: Leasing Insight: Keys to Connecting with Prospects

Generating leads is one challenge. The next hurdle is converting prospects to residents.

Products & Services: Kitchen Customization Adapts to the Marketplace

As apartment units shrink, kitchen customization replaces the cookie-cutter approach.

Technology: The Complexities of Managing Maximum Revenue

To stay on the cusp of revenue management, technology can help one consider supply, demand, price sensitivity, seasonality, expiration, renewals and a multitude of other statistical factors.

On Location: Room with a View: Waterfront at Pu’uloa in Honolulu

The Waterfront at Pu’uloa, 30 miles west of Honolulu in Ewa Beach, continues to be a desired location for both military and civilian families.

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