Cycling Indoors to Keep the Lights On

SportsArt has introduced a new piece of gym equipment that generates electricity for a building.

Vatio G516 Indoor Cycle. Image courtesy of SportsArt

Green fitness brand SportsArt has introduced the Vatio G516 Indoor Cycle, a new piece of energy-producing gym equipment that harnesses human motion to generate usable electricity and reduce a building’s carbon footprint. The cycle uses ECO-POWR technology, an innovative system that features a generator and mini-inverter and sends electrical current into the grid via a standard AC plug.

Suitable for use in a multifamily building’s gyms and fitness studios, the new indoor cycle features a V-shaped frame that can accommodate users of all sizes and a fully enclosed flywheel. The device is also equipped with electronic resistance control with an emergency stop lever and a multi-colored LED light console that indicates workout intensity.

Other features include a dual-sided SPD pedal, adjustable seat and handlebars and a heart rate telemetry receiver. Vatio G516 Indoor Cycle joins other power-generating products in SportsArt’s ECO-POWR line, including treadmill, elliptical and cross-training equipment.

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