IBS Special Report: 6 Up-and-Coming Amenities

Residents are looking for convenient, high-tech options.

At NAHB’s annual International Builders Show, the best and the brightest in the industry shared their takes on what’s new in the industry, and what renters prioritize in their homes. Among all the information presented, we narrowed down some of the most unique and intriguing amenity trends that are poised to gain traction this year.

Pet rent

By charging rent for residents to keep pets in the building, communities can offer highly-sought after amenities for their furry friends like dog day care services, on-demand training services and even dog treadmills.

Virtual fitness

Technology can allow for residents to access a large selection of fitness classes led remotely by real instructors. With a partnership with the popular fitness tracker FitBit, residents can even sync their workouts with friends in other locations and compare their stats and progress.

Virtual doctors

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For senior communities or properties catering to Baby Boomers, a “virtual doctor” option can be a big draw. The concept is that patients can monitor vitals like heart rate and blood pressure, and then virtually consult with an available doctor. This promising technology could be life-changing for residents with mobility issues or a lack of transportation.

Communal kitchens

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While the idea of a communal kitchen may sound more suited to a boarding hall or dorm, many luxury buildings are now offering private upscale kitchen spaces for resident use. Buildings can bring in gourmet chefs to host tasting events where residents can mingle, or offer rental of the space for private dinner parties.

Robot package delivery

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It may sound far-fetched to imagine Rosie from the Jetsons delivering packages right to residents’ doors, some hotels are already experimenting with the concept to streamline the room service experience. Multifamily communities are dabbling with the technology, which could solve package security and delivery woes in high-density communities.

Fresh food vending

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Continuing the theme of technology facilitating convenience, some communities are exploring ways to provide fresh and healthy food on demand. As wellness is more of a priority for more renters, the option of having fresh food onsite and constantly available is a promising one. Instead of the traditional vending machine filled with chips and candy, the new version would be stocked with fresh, natural options for busy residents.

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