How Your Brain Goes Apartment Shopping

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When people experience something pleasant, their brain releases dopamine, a chemical messenger. Find out how you can harness this to give prospective residents a happy association with your property.

When you’ve just posted a photo on social media, do you find it hard to stop checking your phone? Like glancing at it every 60 seconds to see if your pic has more likes and comments? There’s a reason for this: dopamine.

Not to get all sciency on you, but your brain’s functioning determines your behavior in ways you may not realize. Dopamine is the chemical that is released in the brain after something pleasant. The happy, exhilarated, contented feeling that you’d get from eating a hot glazed donut, hugging a cute puppy, or seeing your favorite baseball team hit a grand slam? That’s due to a rush of dopamine. Seeing a text, getting a Facebook like or an Instagram comment triggers the same effect in the brain. Once this happens, the brain wants more.

Basic sales training has forever instructed that if you can get a customer saying yes to small things early in the presentation, when it comes time to ask for the sale the customer is more likely to agree to it too. Dopamine explains why. If we can get this happy action going in our prospective residents’ brains, we improve our chance of their moving in to our communities, and keep them content once they’re there. The dopamine effect gives them happy associations with the property and us. 

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