How Trader Joe's Can Be An Example to Apartment Managers

Five tips for applying the store's success to the multifamily industry.

Step into a Trader Joe’s store in Manhattan and you’ll be greeted with a madhouse of customers maneuvering the tight aisles, and employees frantically restocking shelves and holding up “End of Line” signs, which keeps getting further and further away from the checkout. Yet the customers keep coming, loading their carts and waiting in line. This scene is not just at the holidays; it’s year-round.

Obviously the store is doing something right if the crowds keep coming—and the customers aren’t particularly cranky after standing in such a long line. How do they do it, and what can the apartment industry learn about this brand?

Click here for five ideas on what makes Trader Joe’s so special—and how this can be applied to the multifamily industry.

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