How Do Renters Rate Your On-Site Management?

Do your residents feel like operations at the community run smoothly? MHN and Kingsley Associates partner to find out what property managers are doing right—or wrong.

MHN_RentsArt_800x600Do your residents feel like operations at the community run smoothly? MHN and Kingsley Associates partner to find out what property managers are doing right—or wrong.

“Within 15 months of living here, there have been at least three managers. The turnover rate at this apartment is horrible!” —Tyler, Texas

“Senior managers don’t seem to really care about the residents and it deteriorates the satisfaction level over time.” —Los Angeles

“I had to fight to get a leak in my ceiling fixed. They always offered nothing more than weak excuses—not how I would expect an apartment in this price point to be managed.” —New York

“We used to have get-togethers sponsored by the resident managers once or twice a year so that we could get to know our immediate fellow residents and the management staff.” —Minneapolis

“There was no follow up whether the manager had approved holding the apartment for a given move-in date. This made me lease elsewhere.” —Dallas

“I honestly cannot think of any improvements. The manager was the best part of the experience—so professional and down to earth, and made the whole move-in experience so easy.” —Austin, Texas

“As of now, I’ve been waiting for a response to a problem for over three weeks. Not even a solution, just a simple email or phone call. I have called and emailed several times to no avail.” —Chicago

“I have never dealt with a friendlier management team than the current one. They are always smiling, asking how I am doing, asking if everything is OK.” —Alpharetta, Ga.

“Management isn’t friendly. It’s just not good customer service nor customer retention for your business.” —Las Vegas

“Sometimes the policies management tries to implement are ridiculous, like wearing bracelets to the gym/pool and returning packages if not picked up within 48 hours.” —The Woodlands, Texas

“I love how anytime I need something, it is taken care of right away. I know numerous other management teams who take weeks or months to fix a problem or issue a resident may have. I always feel comfortable and confident that whatever it is I need will be addressed immediately.” —West Fargo, N.D.

“The staff’s ability to resolve problems is limited by policies. Changes need to be considered by higher-level management.” —Houston

“The problem for me is they change management too often. This makes it difficult to sustain any type of relationship, which I think is important. Otherwise, they are very nice, polite and processional.” —Palm Harbor, Fla.

“Management has not ever responded to my calls and has only communicated through text. Very unprofessional.” Winter Park, Fla.

“If the on-site management took a ride around the complex once or twice a week to look at the property and take notes on issues that need to be corrected, cleaned up or changed, that could make a change for the better.” —Charlotte, N.C.

“The rental rate has inflated and the office management is forever changing. There have been three office managers in three years, which seems to create a gap in knowledge and a change in processes.” —Fairfax, Va.

“When we took a tour, management told us the pool is heated throughout the year. However, as soon as we moved in, we received an email saying that the pool won’t be heated during winter time. The office staff should be given the correct information.” —Fullerson, Calif.

“It’s taking far too long to have repairs made or even an acknowledgement of receiving work requests. We are paying a premium to live here and would appreciate very much if the quality of management reflected the cost of living here.” —Woodinville, Wash.

“The last management team was awful and I haven’t gotten to know the new management. I would have enjoyed a ‘get to know you’ event or email, etc.” —Round Rock, Texas

“The management should care more about what the residents enjoy and not about how to get rid of its responsibilities/liabilities.” —Chicago

“I’m very disappointed that I receive no response to emails. We are expected to pay rent on time—it would be nice if the management/service staff could also get back to us.” —Lexington, Mass.

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