Honor Business Deals With Unique Deal Toys

Celebrate milestones with unique deal toys that elevate real estate industry recognition and inspire future success with acquisitions, housing deals and more.

It’s a no brainer to commemorate the big deals of the real estate industry with deal toys and financial tombstones. However, you can take it a step further by celebrating with unique recognition pieces. It’s important to stand out from the crowd and to make your accomplishments known with style.

The Cristaux International team specializes in creating custom and distinct deal toys. We have years of experience and a group of design experts to elevate your awards and corporate gifts above your competition. It’s important to honor all involved in the deal, from architects to advisors to executive teams.

Types of Recognition: Deal Toy Examples

Virtually any business accomplishment can be recognized with an award or gift. Before you start designing, it’s crucial to identify what you’re honoring so that you can focus on how to incorporate details of the achievements into your design. This way, you can present recipients with meaningful creations and represent your organization well.

Types of recognition include:

  • Financial tombstones + deal toys
  • Building + product replicas
  • Plaques
  • Company branded creations
  • Select creations

Ideas for Unique Deal Toys

It’s crucial for your recognition pieces to be unique. Physical creations allow us to memorialize our monumental moments. We can distill our intangible emotions and achievements into a piece of art and create a timeline of awards for your offices.

Cristaux International works hard every day to modernize recognition. We are always looking for new ways to reinvent classic designs and concepts. While browsing the following ideas, you can ask yourself what would make your organization stand out most.

Building Replicas

Building replicas make possible the awe-inspiring feeling of holding a whole building in your hand. Our team will study the structures you build and scale them down into something to be admired on your desk. We can recreate the whole property or honor it with high-quality prints of photographs and blueprints.

You can celebrate newly acquired properties or commemorate offices that mean a lot to your organization’s history. Replicas capture intricate details, showing others you immensely care about recognition efforts. You can also mount your replica on a base to have space for personalization like engraved recipient details. This way you can pay tribute to each person who was a part of the deal, while still respecting the design.

Product Replicas

Like building replicas, product replicas make fantastic deal toys. They can be used to honor exciting product developments or to pay homage to your organization’s essential products. Whether 3D printed or molded, product replicas can bring images to life and revamp your company branding. For instance, we can coat your product in gold or shape a scaled-down version out of crystal to bring elegance to your recognition pieces.


Plaques are extremely effective for celebrating individuals. These pieces easily showcase recipient achievements and details. To level up your recognition program, you can mix materials to create your plaques. You can choose from sleek metals, unique woods, and more to distinguish your pieces.

Company Branded Creations

Your organization is central to all your achievements and, thus, deserving of commemoration. Your recognition pieces can feature company branded elements in many ways. You can recreate your logo out of acrylic or exactly match the award’s colors to your branding guidelines. Additionally, you can feature your company values or history to create something special for your team and customers.

Anything Else You Can Imagine

The sky’s the limit for your deal toys, and the Cristaux team is eager to take on any challenge. You can stretch the rules of design by using unconventional materials like leather or LED lights. Also, you can develop a whole family of awards to honor different achievements within your deal toy program.

Start Designing Your Next Creation

Your team is bound to achieve new milestones, so you can start creating your unique deal toys today. It’s important that every award honors your team, organization, and accomplishments. With that solidified, you can customize your creations and present one-of-a-kind awards.

Contact Cristaux to begin designing your next financial deal toy today.

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