Hamat’s Fireclay Sinks Stand Strong

The undermount sinks are suitable for high-traffic kitchens and designed to resist chips, cracks and scratches.

Hamat Fireclay Sink. Image courtesy of Hamat

Hamat has introduced a new line of undermount kitchen sinks as part of its Chelsea Fireclay Sinks Collection. The lead-free sinks are made from a resilient fireclay material using advanced injection molding techniques. Designers monitor each step of the manufacturing process, so the sinks are not only consistent in dimension and density but also crafted with a uniform finish.

Hamat’s firing process requires sinks to cure for up to 48 hours after being brushed and sponged by hand. Units are then glazed and fired for more than 20 hours at 2,200 degrees. This process fuses the fireclay with the glaze and produces glossy and matte finishes.

The undermount units feature tight corners for an increased sink area and are durably constructed to resist chips, cracks and scratches. Designed for high-traffic kitchens, the sinks are available in various sizes, from compact to large. The largest sink is 30 inches wide and offered in single- and double-bowl options, the midsize measures 23 inches wide, making it appropriate for a prep sink, and the compact 16-inch sink is perfect as an island or bar sink. All sizes are available in classic white, matte black, matte gray and biscuit.

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