Glass Sinks from JSG Oceana Deliver a 'Wow' Factor

Glass sinks for JSG Oceana are not only functional pieces of art that will stand out in any luxury kitchen or bath, but the borosilicate glass is more stain and scratch resistant that both steel and porcelain.

JSG Oceana Sink

Jeannette, Pa.—JSG Oceana, the company that introduced the first—and only—functional glass kitchen sink, has unveiled a new glass coloration for the bathroom and kitchen fixtures called ‘Fawn’. The light brown/beige translucent color option is billed as an addition that completes the line of color options offered for the American-made products.

While there are other companies out there that produce glass kitchen sinks, the offerings from JSG Oceana are made from a unique formulation of borosilicate glass. The material is thermal shock resistant and can withstand quick changes in temperature from 0° to 212° F without damage. It is also non-porous, and thus hygienic. The special glass also has the benefit of being more scratch and stain resistant than both steel and porcelain, certainly important features to consider when choosing a sink. Oceana sinks are not only durable, but functional as well. The kitchen fixtures can hook up to a garbage disposition just like a traditional steel or porcelain sink.

But perhaps the biggest advantage of installing JSG Oceana sinks in your project is the sheer ‘wow’ factor. The 17 colors options all have a three dimensional texture that glistens in light—making the function sink a piece of art that will act as a centerpiece in any luxury kitchen or bath.

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