Giving Thanks: What Makes Renters Grateful

What do you love about your community? That's what MHN and Kingsley Associates sought to find out in this month's resident feedback.

This month, in light of the Thanksgiving holiday, MHN and Kingsley Associates partnered up to find out what residents are thankful for. 

“I have always been pleased with response time and quality of work done on my service requests and the friendly attitude of the service tech.” –Anaheim, Calif.

“Experience is great at this community. Everyone seems nice and helpful. The lake by the complex makes it enjoyable to get out and walk more and the updates that are going on look fantastic. Thank you for an amazing community!” –Denver, Colo.

“As with all service visits, we could not be more pleased, but to think that we received such a timely visit immediately after the hurricane speaks so highly of the commitment of the staff!” –Wilmington, N.C.

“I love living here…I feel totally at home. I’m grateful for it all: the staff, my neighbors (human & canine!), the gorgeous grounds & the consistent, loving attention they receive. I live in a beautiful park!” –Warwick, R.I.

“I moved in five months ago and I’m very pleased with my apartment, the office staff, and the maintenance staff. The staff is responsive to my questions and needs, and is eager to help me learn about all the amenities in the complex. Hassle-free living, indeed.” –Salt Lake City, Utah

“We really enjoy living here and are grateful for the relationships that we have with those who work here. The relationship is definitely built on trust. We have always felt that the team has communicated well and worked to help residents have a positive experience.” –Houston, Texas

“The move-in experience was wonderful! All the ‘extras’ (e.g., robe, the meal in the fridge, candle, etc.) really made a difference. 🙂 Thank you!”  –Phoenix, Ariz.

“The crew demonstrated great work ethics. They were warming, caring, and concerned. I appreciate their service as well as the entire team here.” –Pasadena, Calif.

“I think that everyone in the community has been very inviting and the amenities are beautiful. I was very pleased with the way that the staff handled every one of my (probably crazy) questions. A friend recommended me here and I would recommend it to others.” –Raleigh, N.C.

“I also want to note that I am truly appreciative of my front office! My daughter is a latch-key kid, and one day had forgotten her house key. They assisted her in getting home, and made certain of her safety. As a mother, I cannot be grateful enough!!” –Frisco, Texas

“This building has done a 180 within the year! Thank you to the team and our awesome manager. I had my doubts as to if I were going to renew, but things have gotten much better and most of the renovation work has been completed.” –Miami, Fla.

“I have stayed here for a few months and everyone that works here is very nice and welcoming! I moved from another state and I am very pleased with my move! They also made it a very smooth and delightful transition for me which helped me get off to a great start in a new city!” –Atlanta, Ga.

“I was very pleased and impressed with the speed and effectiveness of the completion of my recent work. It was rather an involved request, and was taken care of the same day. And there was scarcely a sign that anyone had been there.” –Santa Clara, Calif.


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