Gessi’s Therapeutic Showerhead Channels Wellness

Afilo Collection blends water and light for a soothing and restorative experience.

Gessi Afilo Collection. Image courtesy of Gessi

Gessi has unveiled Afilo Collection—showerheads that combine flowing water and visuals to create a calming shower experience.

Soft lights find harmony with water in the new multifunction fixtures that seem to float while diffusing light through flowing water.

The new collection is designed to revive and restore the mind, body and spirit. The fixtures support wellness, with chromatherapy lights that provide a mesmerizing and soothing effect during showers.

Gessi designed Afilo as an overhead rainfall/waterfall shower available in square, round and rectangular shapes. The fixture can be installed recessed in a ceiling or exposed in a boxed design.

The showerhead’s floating appearance comes from a slot along the perimeter that houses the diffused light, and a thin steel outer frame and inclined inner walls that reflect this light.

Afilo is available in several finishes, and users can choose from various customizable colors, including gold, blue, green and purple.

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