GE Introduces LED Architectural Lighting Accents

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Lighting designers and property managers have a new set of tools for shaping interior spaces thanks to recent additions to GE Lighting’s LED Architectural Lighting portfolio.

GE LED Architectural Accent Bar

Lighting designers and property managers have a new set of tools for shaping indoor spaces thanks to some recent additions to GE Lighting’s LED Architectural Lighting portfolio. New GE LED Accent, Tetra PowerGrid and GE LED Wall Washer lighting systems can add layers, backdrops and accents to lobbies, amenity spaces and other common areas such as hallways.

“Lighting evokes emotion in its subtle sophistication,” says Sarah Truman, product manager for GE Lighting. “What we’ve done here is give professionals a ‘matched set’ of tools for easily constructing more inspired designs whether in a dining area, lobby, conference room, hallway or showroom.”

GE LED  Accent

GE LED Accent lights are a low-profile option for use in tray ceilings, underneath desks and cabinets, within toe kicks and in other tight spaces where lighting can enhance room design but other fixtures simply will not fit. The accent modules are less than half an inch thick and can be cut into a variety of lengths and can even run around corners. Additionally, each module has diffusing lenses for light without the dots that were common with many early LED systems.

GE LED Tetra PowerGrid

Tetra PowerGrid is a modular dimmable LED lighting system that replaces traditional fluorescent lighting in backlighting applications that call for broad, uniform light, such as what is needed behind translucent panels, walls and ceilings. These modules can also be cut to length, and are able to provide attractively diffused light in spaces as shallow as three inches deep.

The GE LED Wall Washer Series provides three options for ceiling-to-floor light in large spaces. Each option has different optical properties. Wall Washing uniformly lights vertical surfaces and hides imperfections—it is typically mounted in a recess a few feet from a wall; Wall Grazing highlights and accentuates wall textures—it is typically mounted less than a foot from the wall in a slot or recess; Cove Lighting evenly distributes light over the ceiling and upper part of the walls—as the name suggests, this fixture is typically mounted in a cove recess. All three types of Wall Washer fixtures can be installed in mounting tracks and angled in ten degree increments (up to 50 degrees) in either direction.

All GE LED Architectural Lighting products have a long rated life of 50,000 hours, carry a five-year limited warranty, produce no UV emissions and are RoHS compliant. Visit to learn more about these new energy-efficient LED lighting systems.

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